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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does HST Global do?
A. HST Global, Inc. is a development stage biotechnology company that acquires and develops innovative products for the treatment of cancer.  We focus on in-licensing drug candidates that are undergoing or have already completed initial clinical testing for the treatment of cancer, and then developing those drug candidates for commercial use.

Q. When did HST Global become a publicly reporting company?
A. A HST Global, Inc. (the “Company”) was incorporated on April 11, 1984 in Delaware as CMS Advertising.  The Company changed its name to Unico, Inc. on September 25, 1989, and to ABSS, Corp. on April 25, 2002.  On May 7, 2004 the Company’s shareholders voted to rename the Company NT Holding Corp. and re-incorporate the domicile of the Company from Delaware to Nevada.  The Nevada entity was incorporated on May 5, 2004, and the reincorporation merger was completed on February 15, 2005.  On May 9, 2008 the Company acquired Health Source Technologies, Inc., a Nevada Corporation incorporated in Nevada on August 6, 2007 (“HSTI”), as its primary operating business, and disposed of its other assets and liabilities to its former directors and officers.  On June 18, 2008 the Company changed its name to HST Global, Inc. to reflect its new international business.  On July 7, 2008, the Company changed its trading symbol from NTHH to HSTC. 

Q. On which exchange is HST Global stock traded and what is its stock symbol?
A. Board:  OTC BB.  Symbol:  HSTC.OB.

Q. How many shares are outstanding?
A. 20,873,261 shares of common stock issued and outstanding at March 31, 2008

Q. What is HST Global's CUSIP number?
A. The CUSIP number for HSTGlobal common stock is 40432E 10 3

Q. Does HST Global pay dividends on its common stock?
A. HST Global does not currently provide dividends on their common stock

Q. Who is HST Global's transfer agent?
A. Transfer On-Line, Inc., Portland, Oregon

Q. If I've lost my stock certificate or have a change of name or address, whom should I contact?
A. Transfer On-Line, Inc., Portland, Oregon

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